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Thank you for the opportunity to share a few of my ideas about entrepreneurship and personal development in these articles below.

I mention entrepreneurship and personal development in one sentence,  as I believe they go hand in hand.  

In my almost two decades working with small business owners,  the most notable difference between success and failure was the consistent personal development and growth and daily habits of entrepreneurs.

Below a number of articles and vlogs about entrepreneurship.

21 Day Online Course in Morning Rituals and Daily Habits

#EntrepreneurTips series by Jasper Basson - New Decade, New You. Read more by clicking here .

The morning routines, rituals and daily habits of entrepreneurs

Interview on entrepreneurship tips on Hashtag radio station

Interview on North West radio station on form new habits and why new years resolutions do not tend to continue

Entrepreneur Tips in a Paarl Mountain adventure video

The Beagle story

Entrepreneurship lessons taken from martial arts

Daily consistent efforts leads beautiful result. Paarl Mountain adventure video

Advice to entrepreneurs to sleep better

The 5 Chimps theory

What my 5-year-old taught me at Cape L’Agulhas lighthouse

5 Monday Motivators – 66 days to a new you - 31 March 2019

The 15 Major causes for failure - Napoleon Hill - Success Habits

Create your happiness and business success by killing these two animals

Daily Habits to a life we adore  | Consciously make these 3 decisions

7 Big ideas from Ian Lopatin -  Founder of the Spiritual Gangster

Together we can make South Africa amazing!

5 lessons in life entrepreneurs learn too late

10 Rules by Warren Buffet | Taken from The Tao of Warren Buffet

Why do some entrepreneurs succeed, and others don’t?

The things most entrepreneurs have in common

Coronavirus – COVID-19 survival kit for Small business owners

Corona lockdown financial assistance South Africa


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