What my 5 year old taught me at Cape L’Agulhas lighthouse 

This morning our family went out on a road trip from Hermanus to Cape L’Agulhas.  The primary objective was to show the kids the Lighthouse and the most Southern Point of Africa, where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic oceans meet.


My youngest aged 5 (Luke) was very excited to view the big ocean from the top of the lighthouse. With very steep steps and a ladder to the top.  I must be honest, the idea of taking my child and myself up THAT, made my heart beat faster. 

The true GRIT and braveness of a 5-year-old boy convinced me to overcome my fear and climb through it. 

The beautiful view on top, while sitting and chatting with Luke, was so valuable.


This made me think of several things:

1.    Fear is a liar.  On the other side of fear are a beautiful destination

2.    The small things are the big things

3.    Don’t let life pass you by.  Take every opportunity that you receive and don’t let fear get you to miss out.  We always have regret afterward.

4.  Slow down, and enjoy time with you loved ones.