Entrepreneurship Tips | Paarl Mountain Adventure Video

In this Paarl Mountain adventure video, I share a few entrepreneurship tips along the route.

After an intense first month of 2019, I took a morning off I nature to reboot and refresh. 

During January 2019 my partner and I completed two projects, and I also had a massive income tax deadline for the submission of the income tax returns for 28 February 2018.


The projects we worked on was the following:

1.    Gift Pack to the value of more than R 50,000 for every client, follower, small business owner and entrepreneur in South Africa.  We live in a time where it was never this important to support our fellow small business owners.


2.    21 Online course in morning rituals and daily habits.  In this course, I take you through potent ideas and routines that served me well during my almost two decades working with small business owners.  These habits carried through extremely difficult times, and also served me well in business success.


You can find both these projects all over this website.


During this adventure video full of entrepreneurship tips, I talk about the importance of having not only a strong mindset but also give a lot of attention to your health,  heart, and soul.

We can have a strong mindset,  but if the other three aspects of our lives are not in sync, we cannot sustain our business and serve our client to the best of our abilities. 


I further touched on the idea of frequent solitude and holidays.  Make it a priority to be frequently outside of your daily environment.  These are the times you will be creative, innovative and come up with new ideas for your business.


Lastly, I talked about the five chimps theory and the importance of surrounding yourself with influential people.


I hope you find the insights valuable,  and also enjoy the views of the mountain!


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