Interview on Northwest FM | Why new year’s resolutions fail ?
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During the start of 2019, I had an interview on North West FM in regard to new year’s resolutions.

More specifically, why these new year’s resolutions tend to fail.

I don’t believe in new year’s resolutions. I believe we need to write out and review our goals in a journal continuously.  By writing our goals down, the old fashion way of using a journal, we receive more clarity of what we want to achieve.  It is also the first step to start taking action towards that goal.

Sorry … a bit side-tracked


The reason most of us don’t achieve our new years' resolutions or goals is straightforward.  We don’t understand the process we are going through to create a new habit.  Our new resolutions are a new habit that we need to form.

The process of forming a new habit do takes time.  66 to be exact, according to the latest science.  At the point of 66 days, we are making the new habit on automaticity, and will it be our new normal.

Further to this, we need to be aware that the first 21 days will be extremely tough, because we are disrupting our old ideas and habits, to form a new positive one.  During this time most people give up.

I always remind my martial arts students.  Today’s hard will be tomorrow’s easy and today’s easy was yesterday’s hard. 

Happy listening.

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