Interview with Hannes Dreyer
Property Wealth Creator

Hannes Dreyer is a property guru for many years in South Africa. He has been a huge inspiration for me and some of my clients have completed some of his courses. We discuss property investments and his morning routine and daily habits

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Below are a few points of interest taken from the interview:

 I’m aware you’re still doing YouTube videos and giving property advice. Would you like to give us some feedback on what you’re currently busy with?

He’s teaching people how to become wealth creators.Wealth creators are people who know how to create, grow, protect and enjoy their wealth.

There’s a strategy used called an Automated Strategy.   An Automated Strategy is defined as the intelligent use of limited resources to go from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest possible time with the least amount of risk.  The only way to do that financially is to get enough growth on your surplus.

The aim is to shift people’s mindset a bit differently about their business, investments, property and about their life in general.There are seven pillars to wealth.

The easiest way to teach someone is through the financial steps. He started with property simply because he developed a system in 1987.

Everything boils down to one simple thing: your investment growth rate must be higher than your financial freedom growth rate.  You can achieve that in various ways: with YouTube, Facebook and in any type of business.   Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs only try to survive. They make an income and take all that income to try to stay alive instead of learning the skills.

In order to become successful, you need the right information in the right order for the level of the game you’re at and then you must do it. People tend to listen to unqualified people who have never actually achieved it.

He teaches what he has done in order to retire. To show that it’s possible for a normal person to retire five to ten years on condition that they’ve got the skills. His wife encouraged him to share the valuable information about the system and the principles he used.

The different levels of freedom are financial freedom, time freedom, freedom of choice and freedom of purpose (the most important). Freedom of purpose: where you can pursue your passions.

Besides teaching, you have various courses. Is it an online course or seminar based? How can people link into that course and get educated?

All courses are online because it’s easier and more convenient. Most of the students are working full-time jobs and make time for the courses. The courses start with the basics.

The courses can be accessed at, or   Subscribe to his emailing list where they announce special prices for special events on the courses.

Free added value can be found on his YouTube channel. 

Could you give us a quick summary of your belief regarding the difference between owning a property and renting a property for your primary residence?

 A property has 27 variables.

 The combination of these 27 variables is going to give you your internal rate of return or modified return or an internal rate of return.An internal rate of return measure the growth of your money in the property.

 Most people are conditioned to believe that property is the right location.  You buy the best possible property in the best possible location and then there’s capital growth.  We are so conditioned to believe this statement it becomes our reference points.  The location where you’re buying a property grows at an inflation rate of maybe 1% over 10 years on average.  The prices of property follow the exact same curve.

 99% of the people that have a house is making the biggest mistake in their life.

 Do the calculation … If you can buy a property where your investment portion is higher than what you need in order to get to financial freedom, rather buy the property and stay on the property. If you can’t do that it would be better to rent. Become informed about the government and financial institutions to prevent being bound by their systems.

 Everything changes except the figures. 

You’ve been an entrepreneur for many years, do you have any specific morning routines or rituals that you follow to set up your day?

The most important part is your mindset.We were created to have a life of abundance and the only reason we don’t have it in all areas of our life is because we believe other people. The first thing he does in the morning is to show gratitude for another day.His daily ritual always starts with a cup of coffee and dots down a list of what his going to do during the day.

He asks himself a question: What is the most important thing I can do today in order to get to my goal?

He set himself a goal before his 60th birthday to do a set of 60 push-ups at the age of 60 and maintaining that goal

He reads a up to 3-4 hours a day. You must be mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and socially fit.

A goal is a progressive realization of a worthy goal and should be worked on daily.His ritual at the end of the day is to reflect on his day and ask himself three questions. What is it that I’ve done that I can prove? What have I learned? What problems did I encounter?

To overcome the problem, you must gain the skills to do that and once you overcome the problem, the problem will never appear. If it does appear, you’ll have the skills to oversee the problem. Every day you need to be a little better than you were yesterday.

One verse of the book by OG Mandino, “The Greatest Secret in the World” changed his life, “I’m not on this earth by chance I’m here for a purpose and that purpose is not to shrink into a grain of sand but to grow into a mountain.”

If you want to improve yourself and you’re serious, you need to constantly work. He defines success as the ability to bear pain.  Average people are not willing to do that, they stay well in their comfort zones.

It’s time for us to wake up and start living. 

Any one or two books you can suggest that assisted you in the beginning of your path?

A book what had a massive impact on his life is written by OG Mandino, “The Greatest Secret in the World”. “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins resonated with him and is a great book for mental preparedness.

If you’re really into finances and investments read a book about Warren Buffett, “The Snowball” by Warren Buffet.   It gives you an incredible insight into what he’s doing, how he thinks and why he’s so successful. “The Formula for Riches – The difference between rich and poor” by Hannes Dreyer.

On the spiritual side, “A Course in Miracles”  

 Do you have any tips for a startup entrepreneur?

 To be successful you need to get the right information, for the right order for the level of the game you’re at and go out and apply it.

Be careful listening to experts that give training based on what they’ve learned and are great salesman but have no proven experience it worked. An expert is there to do the implementation and tell you where to invest your money.