Interview with Dieter Voigt 

2007 Mr. South Africa 
Pasella Presenter 
Personal Fitness Trainer

Dieter Voigt is a celebrity well - known from the program Pasella.  Further achievements was the crown of the 2007 Mr. South Africa as well as the Runner - up for the 2005 Mens Health Look competition.

He currently specializes as personal training for track athletes,  and produced a number of world champions in the last couples of years.  He is also available as personal fitness coach for one - on - one sessions.

Find the full interview with Dieter Voigt below:

Below are a few points of interest taken from the interview:

Any advice you could give us about your morning rituals and daily habits?

He sees himself as a morning person and a part of the 5 am club.He’s family man and likes being distracted by his family but there comes the time where he needs to focus. If you want to have meaningful work, you must be focused.

One of his strengths include being focused.As soon as he wakes up, he drinks some water (to get the metabolism going) and note down all his thoughts.

After noting down his thoughts, he does a 10-minute workout.He believes motivation and inspiration are your personal responsibility. A very important morning ritual is to get motivation/inspiration by reading, listening to gospel music or anything to get him out of a tough mindset. To fill his motivation tank.

You must make time in your day to reflect on what has happened thus far and if you’re still on track.He spends 5 minutes planning his day after filling his motivation tank.

Any bad habits you would advise people to stop immediately?

Occasionally take a break from your phone and social media. Constantly checking your social media distracts and takes up precious time spent with family and loved ones.

Social media tends to become addictive. Set out time slots to spend time on social media.Connection focused energy is very important and social media can disrupt that focus.Spend some time in solitude, it increases self-awareness.

Could you give us an idea of the books you read that inspired you, in your personal life or as a leader?

He firmly believes you must be a reader to be able to grow in life.‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek. It helps you identify your why. When your why is clear, it’s much easier to work hard towards your goal.

‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by OG Mandino.

’90 Rules for Entrepreneurs: The Codex of Hustle’ by Marnus Broodryk. It’s a quick read and it’s important to constantly renew your mind when you’re an entrepreneur. It’s also very important to surround yourself with friends and like-minded people. By reading a chapter or two of this book, it can instantly put you back in a positive mindset.

‘The 4-Hour Workweek’ by Tim Ferriss. It’s not about working for 4 hours but rather working more productively and focused. 

Could you give us some ideas on a quick 10-minute workout and any healthy eating foods that anyone can incorporate in their daily lives?

Ideally you must be active for about 20-45 minutes every day.Keep your meals as close to a healthy balanced eating plan as possible. He personally likes to stay close to wholegrains, macros, proteins and good carbs.Try to have something in your stomach every 3-4 hours.Eat for focused energy and not deplete yourself for too long.

Quick 10-minute morning workout – repeat circuit 4 times:

30 seconds – spot running/skipping

30 seconds – pushups

30 seconds – crunches

30 seconds – sit-ups (if you experience no back problems)

30 seconds – mountain climbers

30 seconds – squats

30 seconds – burpees

30 seconds – plank

Take a short break or drink some water.

Repeat circuit 4 times.