Interview with Carl Honore 
Slow Movement for Entrepreneurs 

International Author
In Praise of Slow | Bolder 

I bought a book by accident in a time of my life, close to burnout ...  working many hours.

Interesting enough I bought this book in a Slow market in Muizenberg (Cape Town). The name of the book is in Praise of slow by international author Carl Honore and ironically during the time of writing this book he received a speeding ticket. Carl Honore, thank you for taking the interview.  I am grateful and excited for the opportunity.

View the full video below:

Below a few points of interest taken from the interview: 

Where did the idea of the book, In Praise of slow, came from?

Carl was in a place where everything was a race against the clock.He realized the problem when he started speed reading bed time stories to his child, with his version of snow white had only three dwarfs. He read an article in a queue in the airport about 1-minute bedtime stories and thought about the idea to buy this book immediately.He then realized where he was at, to read a quick soundbite to his child as a bedtime story.

From this moment, when he realized, he started to investigate the addiction to speed of himself and others. The outcome was the book on the topic of the slow movement. 

You are also the global spokesman of the slow movement If I am correct? 

Where can interested listeners follow this movement?

His website is full of information about the various aspect of the slow movement.

Not everything to be taken as snails’ pace.  Move fast when you have deadlines, but also take time to slow down.  Don’t do things as fast as possible, but as well as possible.Best way to thrive in a fast world is to slow down, sometimes.

The Economist magazine published an article a while ago that stated … forget frantic acceleration, mastering the clock of business means knowing to be fast and when to be slow.Carl is busy with his new book called Bolder, making the best of our longer lives.

Any bad habits entrepreneurs need to stop immediately and how do your manage social media?

Carl uses his smartphone when he needs the speed, and when he doesn’t require the speed and want to slow down, he switches it off.When he switches off, he uses notifications to make sure someone understand when he is not available, not disappeared.We need moments of slowness, quiet and not no distractions.

Based on the slow movement, any morning rituals and daily habits that you can advise to entrepreneurs?

It is crucial to not reach for your phone first thing in the morning when you wake up.Take at least 30 minutes after you wake up before you consume your day with fast moving “bandwidth.”

Do some slow movement activities, like meditation, yoga or pilates that will put you in a slower groove to start the day.Make time to breakfast with other people, with technology switch off.