Interview with Abigail Nadar Nepaul
Former Radio Presenter: Lotus FM | Attorney | Motivational Speaker

Abigail Nadar Nepaul is a former radio presenter of Lotus FM, attorney and motivational speaker from KwaZulu Natal. She has an established law firm with her husband, Attorneys Anand-Nepaul. The law firm is situated in the City Centre of Johannesburg. Her passion is being a motivational speaker and finds motivational speaking deeply fulfilling.

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Below are a few points of interest taken from the interview:

Do you have any specific morning rituals and daily habits that you can advise to entrepreneurs?

Abigail believes, in order to become successful as an entrepreneur or anyone in any field, you must start your day off correctly.She learned this statement the hard way. After having two pregnancies and being forced to wake up early in the morning to feed her children.

She then realized that she felt a new energy that’s palpable and addictive. This energy is used to fuel your entire day.

The morning ritual is to get up at 5 am. She’s a very spiritual person and therefore starts off her day with a prayer. Talking to God early and first thing in the morning. She finds a quiet spot, prays and has a good conversation with God. She talks to Him about how she feels, thankful for the evening spent with her children and husband, their business and everything He has blessed them with.

After prayer, she starts journaling. Journaling about every different idea that comes to mind. This has worked tremendously well for her. A big part of her morning motivation and ritual is to get up, say a prayer and start writing. The energy you get in the morning, you won’t get during the day. During the day you’re busy and distracted by what’s happening around you.

Most mornings she does some yoga or cardio exercises that will get the blood pumping and fresh air into the body. Cardio exercises such as skipping and aerobics. After the exercise, she starts to plan the three things she would like to achieve for the day. 

I would love to ask your feedback on one of the most frequently asked questions from entrepreneurs. How did you make the switch from an evening owl to an early riser and ensure you get up?

The first thing she had to train herself to do was to go to bed at a certain time at night.

It’s important to get to bed at a decent time.  If you need to go to bed at 9 o’clock and wake up at 5 am, you need to ensure you go to bed at 9 o’clock. Making sure you have a good rest in-between. Switch off the social media and television before bed.

Read something that will be soothing, inspiring, good for the soul or teach you something that can be used the next day or over the next couple of weeks.You must discipline yourself to set the alarm and to get up when the alarm goes off. No snoozing.

You must get up early and feed that spirit before your mind starts interacting. Before your mind deals with all the distractions coming your way.If you’re hungry to win and achieve what others aren’t, you need to get up. Other people just like you, are getting up and achieving. On the weekend you can snooze the alarm. From Monday to Friday, it’s game time. You need to set it into your mind, attitude and brain.You need to force yourself no matter the weather or how difficult it is.

If you program and condition your subconscious in the evening to wake up at a desired time the next morning, you can achieve it.Once you’re in the routine and you see the results that come with it, you look forward to getting up early. It’s like a drug that starts fueling something in you.

Any bad habits that entrepreneurs need to stop doing immediately?

You need to start your day with a clean mind and absorb everything that’s positive and beautiful. Stay away from the news early in the morning. Watching the news that might be negative and draining is tempting your mind.

Any two books that you suggest any startup entrepreneur should read?

‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. It’s quite a difficult read because the book is quite in-depth and philosophical. The book teaches the importance of believing in oneself ability to acquire riches. Many of us don’t believe we can become wealthy (financial wealth). The book taught Abigail to be a strong entrepreneur and changed the way she dealt with people in her relationships.

‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. She read the book twice and purchased the DVD. The DVD was a better choice as it had commentary from different people and their experience with the notion behind attracting into your life that what you believe.The law of attraction: we attract into our lives what we believe.The best way to implement a book is by consuming and studying the book.

Any tips for startup entrepreneurs going through the transition from being an employee to an entrepreneur?

If you have an idea in your mind about what you’d like to achieve, and you’ve started a business, know that it is your purpose to start that business, to run that project or write that blog. It’s yours and yours alone. God or the universe put that idea into your mind or gave you that mindset, He will guide you through it.

There will be difficult times and challenges, but you will get through them if you’re hungry to succeed.No one wants to work for someone else for the rest of their lives.If you want the best of things and knowledge which you are worthy and capable of, you have the potential to achieve those things. If you work hard and achieve it for yourself.

Work hard on building your brand. You’re a walking and talking brand ambassador of your brand.People see you the way you see yourself.Walk tall, keep your head up high, do your homework and know that your brand is something powerful. You are powerful. Your idea is powerful.

Your idea can create immense wealth for you but can change people’s lives.

This should be the core focus of your business as it can attract amazing things into your life. You will start serving people, communities and the world at large. When this happens, you become a force to reckon with and you’re on your way to an extraordinary life. You’ve started a journey of a thousand miles, make it an amazing one. A journey you’ll remember for the rest of your life and be proud to look back on.

No challenge is there to get you down, you will overcome it with the right mindset.

Where is the best platform that people could connect with you?

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