Interview with Evert Kleynhans
Founder : Rooistoel 

Evert and I met on Instagram because of our similar morning routines.Rooistoel provides businesses to grow with video. They create corporate video and training productions. For the past two years, they’ve been focusing a lot on live stream, virtual reality, and 360 live stream.

Rooistoel created the first augmented reality campaign for Vodacom South Africa.Hard hitting marketing does not work anymore. They show their customers how to do marketing through storytelling.

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Below are a few points of interest taken from the interview: 

You’re also an early riser, and I’m very interested in your daily rituals. Your daily routines from when you wake up at 2 am, until the point when you start interacting with your family or business. The floor is yours…

He started his morning ritual on the 22nd July 2016.He usually goes for a mid-year breakaway on his own. To reflect on his life, personal, business and financial life.

He has three morning rituals. 1) Personal 2) Business 3) With his wife.He feels it’s important to spend quality time with his wife during his morning ritual.Personal ritual: Sets the tone for the day. An essential aspect. The world shouldn’t happen to you, be present in the world. To be mindful and self-aware.

As soon as he wakes up and his feet touches the ground, he smiles. He then drinks lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon. After the water, he drinks two Cayenne Pepper capsules.He spends some time in prayer. After prayer, he does 10 minutes of meditating.After meditation, he notes down five things he is grateful for.

Spends another 5-10 minutes on the trampoline.After the trampoline, he drinks supplements.He has Biblical affirmations and goes through them every morning after he drank his supplements.After his affirmations, he spends some time in deep focus. He’s trying to read a book per week.Sometimes he takes an early morning walk and listens to a podcast.

Business Ritual: Check emails, do some admin, communicate with his team and send a few WhatsApp’s.Thirty minutes are spent on social media to avoid distractions during the day.Wakes up his wife at around 5 am. They do three sets of a routine. 20 minutes with some kettlebell exercises, 20 minutes reflecting and 20 minutes spent in each other’s day.To have a happy marriage is tough work. Every little bit you put in makes it heaven on earth.

Any apps on your phone that really assists with your business?

Waze: When he travels. The app predicts traffic and prevents him from arriving late.Headspace: A meditation and mindful app. He uses this app 3 times a day.Meditation assists with deep thinking and gets your mind away from any distractions.

Any specific two books that you can advise to any startup entrepreneur?

‘Legacide: Why Legacy Thinking Is the Silent Killer of Innovation’ by Richard Mulholland. Its filled with golden nuggets.‘Be More Pirate: Or How to Take on the World and Win’ by Sam Conniff Allende. This book has changed his perspective on business and the way of doing things in life.

Any tips that you would give a startup entrepreneur?

Stop trying to be the best. Be the favorite. By being the favorite, you are doing things differently. You’ll have innovative products and services. 

Anyone who would want to reach out or make use of your services, how can they connect with you?

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