Interview with Thaamir Moerat 
Founder: Talk to Sales | 1 Minute Movie Festival 

Thaamir is a model, actor, sales trainer, speaker and entrepreneur. A man with many talents. He is the owner of various companies including Talk to Sales and the 1 Minute Movie Festival.

View the full video below:

Below are a few points of interest taken from the interview:

What have you changed in your morning rituals since incorporating some of the rituals I mentioned at your conference?

He used sleeping pills daily and had irregular sleeping patterns before the conference appearance.After my talk (Jasper Basson) about morning rituals and daily habits, he completely stopped using sleeping pills.  He went cold turkey.Started with his gym routine in the morning again.

He took from my talk (morning rituals and daily habits) the freshness of the mental and psychological health that you need to put yourself into when you get the right amount of sleep, and you’re a morning person is.He used to work throughout the night …. sleep when he can, work when he can and very irregular.

You need to put mind over matter and push through the process of breaking a habit. 

I recently saw your 1-minute movie festival which is very interesting, let us know more about the festival…

He has always wanted to be an actor, since High School.He wanted to study Drama at Stellenbosch University (Maties), but his father insisted on him studying accounting instead.

He failed all his subjects in his first year of studying accounting and decided to quit. He then got scouted into modeling and ended up being a model and actor for up to 7 years. At the age of 27, he quit and shifted his focus to entrepreneurship.

Ten years later, he’s getting back into the film industry as an Actor, TV/Filmmaker, and Producer.The easiest way to get back into the industry was to produce 1-minute movies.

He did some marketing on Instagram and got great responses. Everybody can be on the big screen and can make 1-minute movies. There is so much talent, and he wanted to create an opportunity for actors, filmmakers, and bloggers to showcase their work.You’re only as strong as your team because the team has a variety of different strengths.They pitched the idea to Ster-Kinekor for a week until they agreed that it was indeed a great idea.

Is there any specific reason why it’s only 1 minute long?

There are three types of festivals: International Film Festival (a feature-length film – 1h30 and up), Short Film Category (5 to 35 minutes) and 1-minute film (under a minute and a half including credits). 

He found that its easier for someone that wants to be on the big screen, to make a 1 – minute movie.  It provides more people the opportunity to be on the big screen.  It is for any vlogger, actor or musician that will be able to produce a 1 – minute movie.

His slogan is always to have a laugh and never take himself too seriously. 

Any tips for startup entrepreneurs?

A good tip for startup entrepreneurs …  live your passion and don’t think about the money. It will come.You will have a lot of sceptics, but your passion will pull you through difficult times.

Being an international sales coach, you teach the Sales Dog Analysis.  Would you mind sharing that?

The “Sales Dogs” analysis test, by Blaire Singer, should be done by every salesperson.N Everybody can sell, but you need to know your breed. Your breed indicates what type of salesperson you are regarding your strengths and weaknesses.   The book helps you to sharpen your natural sales ability.

It also enables you to identify what type of breed the people you interact with are. 

Any two books you would suggest any startup entrepreneur to read?

Sales Dogs by Blair Singer.Mama, I Sold You by Thaamir Moerat.

Any last tips for startup entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and we’re all made for a particular work.  Some people can work for themselves, and they can handle the rollercoasters ups and downs. You can’t do it for the money.  You must do it for the game.