Interview with Lior Losinsky 
Home-based business specialist 

Lior Losinsky is a network marketing specialist and a valued client for many years. In the video below we discussed his morning rituals and daily habits.

Below a few points of interest taken from the interview:

Tell us more about the industry you are in?

Lior is an associate with Mannatech,  a global network marketing company in the health industry. Anyone can start a network marketing business as long as are hungry and driven.

Network marketing is very similar to affiliate marketing, in the sense that you get paid to refer clients to a specific product or service.

What are your morning rituals and daily habits?

His daily morning and evening rituals are based on reprogramming his subconscious mind.Generally, will read early morning. Currently working on a course, Think and grow rich, which involves a daily overview of his purpose. Do about 15 minutes for guided meditation daily.

Any bad habits entrepreneurs need to stop immediately?

Eliminate or minimize fear by limiting and controlling time on social media. Use social media as a tool to build your personal brand and business.

He doesn’t use Twitter at all to prevent to be consumed. Important point.  The news is set to make you negative and drive fear.  Fear in turns drives a following which sells advertising space.

Don’t watch television late in the evenings before bedtime, to get enough and proper rest. Entrepreneurs tend to be on the run and forget to live a healthy lifestyle.  As a leader, be the example. 

Any books that you recommend?

He doesn’t read that many books as he used to, but rather slow down and properly consume a few books.The Speed of Trust by Stephen Covey. Influencer by Joseph Grenny, Kerry Patterson, Davis Maxfield and Ron McMillan

Any smartphone apps that changed your life?

Lior uses Zoom for his meetings

He uses WhatsApp frequently

Audible and Kindle for on the go reading.

He does not use many other Apps.