Interview with Riaan Pietersen
Founder of Salesflow & Blue Oceans Sales

Riaan Pietersen and I join in a conversation about a topic we both feel very strong about … cold calling is dead!   Riaan is the founder of Salesflow and Blue Oceans Sales, where he assists and train consultants and other sales professionals the new era of sales.We also chat through his daily rituals and habits in his life as an entrepreneur.

View the full video below:

Below a few points of interest taken from the interview:

Tell us more about the industry you are in?

Riaan provides a platform where he trains consultants and other professionals to step away from cold calling and instead create content and market themselves.Cold calling and door to door sales are old school and dating back to 1929.

He believes in the new are of marketing, which consists of content writing and other forms. We want to attract clients that want to do business with us.Not a lot of entrepreneurs want to adapt to the new era of marketing.  It’s scary to create video content, but it is becoming easier every time you do it.   Video content receives much more attention than content writing, as people tend to be busy and have more time available to listen to video and podcasts etc. 

He created a boot camp in Salesflow where people can watch 40-minute webinar-based training, where he explains how marketing has changed and how you need to adapt.    After that, he assists and trains consultant regarding social media, digital advertising and videos/webinars you can start the program.  If you are not comfortable, Salesflow runs an 8-stage training program to assist newcomers to this.

It is crucial for you to understand your signature offering to your clients,  and what is the problem that you solve for clients.

Riaan uses LinkedIn as a platform to market his business.  He advises that it is essential for you to understand what your target market is on this platform. 

What is your morning rituals and daily habits?

He is a morning person, waking up at about 5 am in the morning.He does not read a lot anymore but listens to specific podcasts, because he spends a lot of time in his car. He spends about 15 minutes in the morning on being grateful.  Gratitude fills holes in you.

He doesn’t spend time on social media or open emails until his highest priorities have been dealt with for the day.Emails let other people determine your destination for the day.

Riaan plans his week on a Sunday evening or Monday morning and only concentrate on 15 things for the week and execute 3 per day.  He makes sure to focus between 5 am and 10 am on these items.  He calls this is his move list.

He tends to consume less information these days, but implement this information until it becomes a habit. 

Any smartphone apps that changed your life?

He not a big app person, but uses WeTransfer for large documents and video content. 

Any advice to start-up entrepreneurs?

Get a mentor.  It saves you years in experience.Have focus point and work towards it.  Adapt a quickly as you see you need to change the angle.Don’t be afraid to fail.  See your failures as lessons. Find your passion.