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We want to share with you several testimonials and reviews from various entrepreneurs about our brands. The founder, Jasper Basson, has been in the accounting industry for almost two decades, serving small business owners.    

It is such a privilege to learn and feed from other entrepreneurs. I have seen the good, bad and ugly. We associate with the good and learn the lessons from the bath.

Below are several testimonials and reviews:


Good morning Jasper & Dale

I trust that all is going well and that a certain degree of normality has returned within the operating hours?

I would just like to take a moment and once again thank you both and your staff for everything you have done for both me and my staff during these last couple of months.

It truly is appreciated and I cannot thank you enough, not just for all the time and effort you have conveyed towards me as a client, but also for your generosity in various manners.

I thank you both and wish you all the best.

CT (Entrepreneur in Cape Town)

Good day.

Thank you for a very pleasant meeting this morning. We are very interested in making use of your services. Me and my partner will have a look through the services you offer and will contact you soon. Thank you Jasper for your information and positive energy this morning. 

MA (Entrepreneur,  Paarl)


I would just like to thank you Jasper

For everything and all the effort

I just told my wife now what an amazing accountant and person you are

Thank you for all your help and all the extra effort you put into everything

I have learned a lot just observing the way you live life and watching your You Tube videos

I really appreciate you and your team

Thank you very much

Have a great Day!

(Dr in Cape Town)

Your support during this time has been exceptional and I really appreciate it. Support like this gives me hope to carry on during this time.

Have a good day.

Paul (Entrepreneur in Cape Town)


Good morning, DRYK Family

It’s just on my heart this morning to wish you all a beautiful day. 

I’ve had exchanges with each person included here and so I can sincerely say Thank you for your kindness and excellent service during our interaction.  You have such a wonderful team culture.

Russell Julius,  Spiral Marketing Solutions


Wil net vir julle baie baie dankie sê vir julle hulp die afgelope paar maande. 

Baie mense sê 'ja wel ons betaal hulle om hulle werk te doen, so hoekom moet ons dankie sê?' 

Job Well Done definitely needs praise!

Ons is bevoorreg dat ons paaie gekruis het en dankbaar ook!

Julle gaan regtig die extra myl wat BAIE ander nie eers dink om te doen nie... en ek dank julle daarvoor.

Kan defnitief sien dis nie net n 'job' vir julle nie! 

F L, Entrepreneur 


I honestly believe that habits, rituals and discipline have the power to change your life in a positive way and will set you up for success in all different aspects of your life. 

Jasper Basson is a living testimony of someone who transformed his personal life by following the principles he shares in these teachings. True to the inspirational leader he is, he is sharing it with anyone who is ready to accept the wisdom and use it to make themselves and everyone around them better, day by day. 

I highly recommend his work and trust it will bear good fruit and add great value to your life. 

Dieter Voigt, Celebrity, Entrepreneur and High Performance Athlete coach


Congratulations on a great product, which was well executed!

I hope this will be a first of many to come. It was clear that you put a lot of thought and work into the product.

In 2018 I was truly in a bad place. I had no energy and seemed to have lost my passion for my business. I felt like giving up.

My discussion with you regarding these feelings, and your subsequent guidance, gave me new perspective and energy. I realised that the change needed to come from me. I bit the bullet and started to empower myself to make those changes.

Today, about 6 months later, I feel like a new person. I have renewed energy and passion for the business. I see problems and challenges in a new light, and find it a lot less stressful to overcome day to day challenges. These changes, I believe, lies within everyone of us. We all just need someone to guide us when the mountain of problems seems to high. You were my guide.

Your 21 day course reignited my passion to become a better person. I once again take on problems and challenges I could do with my eyes closed, but seemed to have forgotten, as I slipped into a comfort zone. Challenging myself and operating outside my comfort zone has truly made me feel good and energised. Your methods is common knowledge, but the implementation is not, it seems. Especially the cold shower every morning. Still something I need to get use to, but I will endure, and make sure that I overcome the uncomfortableness, and make it my own.

I am blessed to call you a friend and confidant.

I wish you all the best with future endeavours, and will be waiting with baited breath on your next project.

Yours Sincerely

SV, Entrepreneur

If I could summaries my findings of Jasper’s talk in 1 simple word: INSPIRATIONAL.

Jasper is one of the most fiery, disciplined & motivated people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in the flesh. His teachings are mainly centered around getting into the “State of flow”, which allows us to effortlessly glide through the bulk of our days without mentally fatiguing ourselves. This then allows us to channel the limited amount of intentional decision-making power (also known as cognitive bandwidth) into areas that are more important. This results in happier, healthier & more successful lifestyles. The methods of breaking bad habits and forming good ones are profound and something that I feel everyone should at least hear and be able to grapple with themselves.

I immediately started implementing Jasper’s methods from Day one and although I know there are many tough days ahead, getting to that “State of flow”, I’m encouraged every time I think that Jasper is living proof that it works.

Thank you Jasper! God bless!

Darren Smith,  RecruitAguide

Dear Jasper, I am really excited about your upcoming course on morning rituals and daily habits. I have been watching your YouTube videos over the last couple of months and find it exceptionally useful when it comes to setting personal goals, getting the right things done, focusing on the right stuff and being motivated. Although I am not an entrepreneur it certainly is a great aid in personal development and it also helps me in preparation of my retirement in just a few short years where I want to generate an income from a small business plan I have.  I wish you all the best of luck and look forward to seeing what your course has to offer. Kind regards

H S, Start-up entrepreneur

Wow, what an incredible day I had with Jasper Basson, who interviewed me on my book “Do You Really Want To Be An Entrepreneur?’

Thank you, Jasper, that I can share my story with your audience.

I have learned a lot from you.

You are a remarkable person and I know that you are going to make it very big in the world. 

Karel Vermeulen, Entrepreneur and Author


But I did want to write to you to say thank you so much for doing this for me in good time. When I met you, I had a feeling you were a complete professional and I wouldn’t need to chase you to complete stuff.

I was clearly correct - and I really am very grateful.

LJ, Entrepreneur

I am yet to see such professional and prompt service in this industry. I am blown away...

Thank you very much.

Morning Jasper,

I was wondering if you would possibly be willing to come and make a guest appearance at our Christian Business Owners meeting in the next month or so?

You'd be sharing your testimony around your successes, daily habits, & how it all ties into Christ in the work place.

DS, Entrepreneur

Good day ,

Thank you very much for your assistance. You are very efficient and professional. Thank  you !

Can I still forward the company docs for you to check if there are any outstanding things there? Also how much do you charge for normal tax returns for individuals so I can use your excellent services again.

I really appreciate this.

Best wishes 

Paul, Entrepreneur 



I’ve been meaning to e-mail you just to thank you and your team who are truly professional and efficient.

Also, your willingness to give back to people by educating them regarding tax and other accounting issues in your webinars.

And your positive attitude in life, is truly contagious.

Keep up the good work and remain the great accountant and great person that you are.

Dr IR, Doctor and entrepreneur


Jasper, I want to share your thoughts with our Directors.   How can we do this?

LvdL, Entrepreneur


Very good interview.  Loved the content.  Well done!

SV, Entrepreneur


Excellent!  Thank you for the inspiration and practical tips.

FvdB, Entrepreneur


I really liked your video, it made the basics clear and understandable.  Looking forward to your other videos.

Sihle, YouTube


SA has alot of knowledge and content to offer but there seems to be this notion that theyll be at a loss if they share what they know publicly. you're different thanks bud

Siphe,  YouTube


All of the above has been done by your accountant without issues.  Looks like you got a good one.

SARS Bellville Consultant


Thanks Jasper. Potent stuff.  I have adopted your insights.  Really really appreciate.   Thank you very much.

GdJ,  Entrepreneur

Jasper, you are an inspiration to me.   We can learn and gain inspiration from the people we meet. Don’t focus on the negative in someone because you might not see the good. When you meet someone, who gives off positive energy, feed off it, it will rub off on you.  It is free for everyone.

Peter van Niekerk, Entrepreneur & Co-owner Cape Garden Centre


Good job by the way Jasper. You have continued to impress me and inspire me.  Keep it up!

DS, Entrepreneur

Dankie Jasper. Jou videos is n reuse inspirasie! En dit help my altyd ongelooflik baie.  Dankie dat jy jou eie ervaringe en wyshede deel.

AA, Entrepreneur

Sien baie van jou YouTube inspirerende praatjies vir entrepreneurs en vind dit baie insiggewend.

AC, Entrepreneur, Franchisor

Ek dink nie mense besef die tyd en effort wat in dit gaan nie. Maar ek weet jy weet daarom het ek soveel waardering vir die tyd wat jy in jou content sit en ek kan sien en hoor dat jou content daar is om te ‘serve’ en die wêreld ‘n beter plek te maak! Trots op jou

EK, Entrepreneur, Bloemfontein

Hi Jasper. Thank you for your work this past financial year and going above and beyond

LL, Entrepreneur, Gauteng

Baie nice!!! Ons het al baie advies gekry oor ons NPO maar die Here het ons baie keer in n heel ander rigting gelei. So dat vd professionele mense eintlik half vies is en ''bekommerd'' is ons gaan dit nie maak nie

I thought about it a lot over the weekend and here you just confirm that we're moving in the right direction

MB, founder of an NPO (against bully of kids)

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