Interview with Gary van Aswegen 
Ex - Professional rugby player for the WP and Stormers

Gary is an ex-professional rugby player for WP and Stormers and currently growing his full-time home-based business in network marketing.  Gary also assists various clients with digital marketing and do motivational speaking from time to time.

He is a valued client for many years and provided us with some insights into his morning rituals and daily habits in his life as an entrepreneur.

View the full video below:

Below a few points of interest taken from the interview:

Tell us more about the industry you are in?

As professional rugby, he always knew he had to focus on something after rugby. Network marketing allowed him to build a business on a part-time business while playing professional rugby. 

He spends a lot of time with his personal brand (Gary van Aswegen) online, and through that received a lot of speaking gigs and clients he also needs to assist with digital marketing. Be careful to brand you in such a way that all is about YOU.  Make sure that information and digital marketing is all about the CUSTOMER.  Add value to your consumer or customer.

What is your morning rituals and daily habits?

He is not a morning person, but rather a night owl.  Gary wakes up between 6 – 7 am in the morning, and generally reads his bible and pray.  It puts him in the right frame of mind. 

His second priority is to schedule his day, by writing down his income producing activities.  This need to happen for the first part of the day. Personal development, by reading books, gets done for 20 – 30 minutes before bedtime. Be careful to do shelf development in place of self-development.  Go out and use your knowledge learned from self-development to build a business. 

Any bad habits entrepreneurs need to stop immediately?

He struggles to say no.  Gary believes that procrastination is a terrible habit for any entrepreneur.  Have a plan and act. The best idea will die if you procrastinate. 

Any books that you recommend?

Rich dad, poor dad is – Robert Kiyosaki is a given for any start-up entrepreneur. Think and grow rich – Napoleon Hill

Building a story brand – Donald Miller.  Facts tell, but stories sell.  How to market your brand by storytelling.     

Any smartphone apps that changed your life?

Audible. Excellent app for people on the go that want to read.Canva.  Can be used to produce artwork for various social media platforms. Zoom.  Great way to communicate with individuals or groups and for presentations.

Where can people follow you?

Gary is active with regular Facebook live sessions on personal development.  Gary van Aswegen. Subscribe to his YouTube channel also called Gary van Aswegen.