Daily Habits to a life we adore   
Consciously make these 3 decisions

To live a life you adore, we need to make certain conscious decisions.

These specific conscious decisions, done consistently,  are forming our reality through our subconscious and the energy vibration we send our into the universe


Make the decision today and be aware of every aspect of your life.  

  1. People you spend your time with. In your personal life as well as clients in your business. 
  2. Places you visit (The photo is own my specific route I use when visiting clients in Paarl. Every time I drive here I am in AWE of Gods blessings in our life ❤️❤️)  
  3. Activities that you do (Personal and Business) Are you truly living your passion and purpose

Take seriously note of these items.  We have only life to life.

Only spend time and energy on the FEW things that TRULY matter.

Become aware of every thought, word and action.  These 3 things are shaping our reality