5 ways to build wealth - starting today


1.Generosity in value creates abundance of wealth.

Raise your value, and then throw massive value at the market place. Its not about your rate per hour, but the value in the hour.

2.The biggest reason most people’s NET ASSET VALUE does not increase, they expand their lifestyle as their income grow.

We tend to incrementally increase our expenses as our income expand which generally caused us to become poorer monthly.

You don’t need that brand new car every three years. Your don’t need all the gadgets the world sell to you. That repayment of the brand new car, can purchase your first property.

3.Build wealth is not sexy, its boringly consistent.

Be consistent in your investing.

4.Build a dream team around you.

You cannot build a A-Class business with a sub standard team. Show your team the standard of how the business need to be operating on, and keep them AND YOURSELF to it.

5.DO NOT live from your business account.

You can not budget and will overspend and never build up capital in the business.

Having (at least) two bank accounts, one dedicated to the business, and one dedicated for personal purposes.

6. (Bonus idea)

Have a close business relationship with your accountant. Saving tax can help you grow wealth. There are numerous legal tax hacks for entrepreneurs.


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