70 Things to take in to 2023, that the last 2 years taught me (personal and business)


1. Make the best of EVERY MOMENT, because tomorrow is not promised.

2. Always talk VALUE, never PRICE

3. Reading one book a month is more valuable than daily scrolling on social media.

4. Social media is a POWERFUL servant, and dangerous MASTER.

5. Money must never be your NUMBER 1 reason to start a business. Purposes driven is so much powerful.

6. If you WIN, I WIN.

7. We are in competition with no one. We all have opportunities in abundance.

8. Generosity CREATES Abundance.

9. We must become conscious about every thought we think, word we speak and action that we take.

10. God does not create extras. We are born to serve a purpose.

11. Everything is one. Everything matters. From the smallest insect, plant, animal or human. What we do to one, INFLUENCE the WHOLE.

12. Respect is powerful ethical wealth builder. It’s not old school. Please say, I respect you. Thank you confirms, I appreciate you.

13. Keep on sowing the seeds in alignment with your purpose. It will fall in the soil it is supposed to. Let the chips fall as it should.

14. Keep on adding value. Don’t worry about the metrics. Don’t worry about your tracking your ROI.

15. Forget the business plan. Just start. 5% planning and then start executing. The business plan is an old school protocol that does not make sense to anyone (including the institutions that requires it).

16. NEVER blame other people. (Especially the government) Take absolute personal responsibility. Blaming give my own power away to create my OWN ECOMOMY.

17. Be extremely mindful who I surround myself with and limit conversations to ONLY those that will inspire and encourage.

18. To ONLY focus on what I SHOULD focus on. No chit-chat on irrelevant things when I am focused on my craft.

19. Pay yourself first. Have a clear vision of where your funds must go and execute on that in the beginning of the month. Creating an automatic debit order to specific accounts assist with this process.

20. Building wealth is not SEXY, its boringly consistent.

21. It’s crucial to build a dream team around you. The dream team consist out of anything we can think of. Employees, outsources, suppliers, business coach, personal training coach, a massage therapist, an energy healer, etc. The list goes on. Become obsessed in building this dream team.

22. Raise your value, and then throw massive value at the marketplace. It’s not about your rate per hour, but the value in the hour. Generosity in value creates abundance of wealth.

23. The biggest reason most people’s NET ASSET VALUE does not increase; they expand their lifestyle as their income grow. We tend to incrementally increase our expenses as our income expand which generally caused us to become poorer monthly. You don’t need that brand new car every three years. You don’t need all the gadgets the world sells to you. That repayment of the brand-new car can purchase your first property.

24. DO NOT live from your business account. You cannot budget and will overspend and never build up capital in the business. Having (at least) two bank accounts, one dedicated to the business, and one dedicated for personal purposes.

25. Have a close business relationship with your accountant. Saving tax can help you grow wealth. There are numerous legal tax hacks for entrepreneurs.

26. It’s not about how much you earn, but what you do with it.

27. Every situation is a burden or a blessing. Our perception makes the difference.

28. To criticize other reflects more about me, than about the other person.

29. I remind myself every day that MY OPINION, is only MY OPINION. My right (in my opinion) does not make the other person wrong. My opinion is, and that of the other person, is based on years of subconscious influence, which created our believe system. Our opinion is ONLY BASED on the subconscious filters in of our own eyes.

30. Always reacts though LOVE.

31. Everything that makes me angry reflects my insecurities.

32. Small daily improvements, create massive dividends in the long run.

33. The way I changed a lot of my limiting believes and the course of life and business, was by journaling, affirmations and visualization. Everything you write down becomes true. In some form or another. I do the work, and let God unfold my life as it should. But I HAVE to do the work. Life is a series of opportunities and experiences. Have the INTENTION to be open to just that and write it down in a JOURNAL. Be open to the magic to be unfold in front of your eyes

34. Fitness to a new level means more productivity and longevity. It can start with one pushup or a walk around the block. You only compete with YOU.

35. To heal your heart, forgive the unforgiven. No mindset will override this.

Be aware of the wound. Feel the wound. Release the wound. Accent 🔥


Your second block of text...

36. Take my POWER BACK. Fast on coffee, alcohol, sugar, meat, social media, news. It’s all legalized drugs. We tend to give our power away by the stories we tell ourselves. True growth lies in the uncomfortable. My story is keeping me stuck to my current level of growth

37. Every day consist out of magic and miracles. It’s up to us to see it ❤️

38. We can be like a reservoir or choose to be like a river. We can hoard everything like the reservoir does, or we can live life in flow by choosing to be like the river. A river needs constant in and out flow. The river is open to receiving and but also let go and provide more for wherever it flows. Be a good receiver and excellent giver.

39. Let go of the past. Be grateful for it. It let you to your growth. But let go.

40. We make everything to personal. Most things around us are totally impersonal.

41. Focus more on my INLINE presence, than my ONLINE presence. My outer world will never outperform my inner work.

42. Don’t chase money. Create solutions and money will automatically follow.

43. Let your HEART follow the lead, and merely take you MIND with. Do what makes your heart ❤️ smile 😃

44. Sticking to my word is a SUPERPOWER.

Sticking to my word raises my self-respect, which raises my self-confidence. When you say you are going to do something, keep to that promise.

45. Be on time. If you are not early you are late.

46. Live life a little #slower. Grind when you need to grind, but also learn to slow down and appreciate the small things in life. Life is not just a race to what society want us to believe success is. Life is those special moments that money cannot buy. Be grateful for the little things. “When you work, work. When your play, play. Don’t mix the two”- Jim Rohn -

47. What if the biggest reason none of your business opportunities work is because you focus ONLY on the MONEY aspect? When we start waking up for a cause, bigger than ourselves, abundance start to show up in miraculous ways. Nelson Mandela stated in his last trial as a freedom fighter, before being sentenced to Robben Island, “This is a cause I am willing to die for”. “Money is important, but must not be your number 1” Evan Carmichael

48. Winning can be losing, and loosing is winning.

◦ A new door cannot open if I am not willing to close the one that should have been closed already. A business venture is not meant for you, when you need to lower or let go of your values and ethics. Let go. Follow your gut. Its stronger and wiser than your intellect.

◦ Winning is only winning when I enjoy the process. Winning in something that I don’t enjoy or is against my values, is in fact loosing. Following my joy, even thought I might not be winning in the eyes of the world, makes me a winner. Following my joy is more important than the opinion of others.

◦ Loosing teach me lot more of myself than winning. Loosing is the best teacher. It provided valuable lessons to grow and develop. Winning never teaches the winner anything.

49. EXPERIENCE the picture, above TAKING the picture.

50. Run into your fears. When we run into our fears, they will run away. The fears we don’t face, becomes our walls. When we do the things that frightens us, we take back our power over the it. Running into your fears, creates a strong you.

51. Clean up your vocabulary. Can over can’t. Possibility over problems. Abundance over scarcity.

52. Exercise. Morning excise releases a pharmacy of feel good and do good chemicals and mood enhancers for the day. Your feel better and will do better.

53. Tip exceptionally well.

54. Prayer is powerful.

55. Our energy speaks louder than our words.

56. Animals can teach us lessons that we cannot teach ourselves.

57. Spending time in nature is not wasted.

58. Money spend on personal development is not wasted. It’s a massive investment.

59. Having a private phone and no emails on my phone was a game changer for making sure I am focussed on my family.

60. Having a world class PA / EA makes my life so much easier.

61. You can only scale a business by delegating and trusting in your team.

62. Success is not built on showing up now and again. Consistency matters.

63. God is writing my story. I need to stop trying to steal the pen. Trust the author.

64. You can’t compete with me. I want you to win as well.

65. In a world of mediocre service, performing at world class makes you stand out from the crowd.

66. Spending time with family is invaluable.

67. I am my own HERO.

68. You don’t know what you don’t know

69. Suppressed emotions become toxic in my body, and can cause serious illness over a period of time.

70. Just START!