Sleep better without your smart phone | Entrepreneur Tips

Being an entrepreneur, I tend to struggle slowing our brain before going to sleep.   

I have tried and tested numerous rituals to assist me getting better sleep, as I am also waking up early morning for my morning rituals and habits.

Among a few things, I drink a cocktail of herbal Valerian root tea, honey, apple cider vinegar and sometimes GABA.   This aid to a very good night rest.


Further to this, I started a ritual where I do not use my smart phone or other electronic devices from about 8pm and very limited between 6pm and 8pm.   I use a separate alarm clock for my early morning rise.


Here is why:

When using a smart phone during late evening, we tend to have more trouble going to sleep. 

The blue light of the smart phone reduces the amount of melatonin within us. 

Melatonin is the chemical that informs our body that it needs to go to sleep.



While we sleep our body produces HGH (Human Growth Hormone).   

Increase levels of HGH raise the following:

-          Moods

-          Cognition

-          Energy Levels

-          Lean muscle mass

-          Reduce cravings

To optimize this production, we need 5 complete cycles of 90 minutes every evening.


Do not fall for the pressure of society that want to sell us deadly hours of work. 

It is important to work intensely, but just as important to rest properly.


Tonight, trade your smart phone for a hard copy book and cup of herbal tea.


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