Why do some entrepreneurs succeed, and others don’t

Why do some of the entrepreneurs and businesses in South Africa flourish, and some are in a state of panic and depression? 

I believe: 

Our energy and thought vibrations attract what we focus on. 

Be very conscious about every thought, word, and action that you do, because it influences your sub-conscious and ultimately reflect in our surroundings. 

Our outer result will never be any different from our inner world. 

The outer world is merely a reflection. 


•  Become the hardest learner that you know and spend daily time and energy on personal mastery/growth. To increase your income, exponentially increase your time in education in yourself and your profession — the leader who learns the most wins.  

•  Spend time on each of these aspects. Mindset, Heartset, Health set, and Soul set (words taken from a mentor). All these aspects create a better you, and in return, build a beautiful business. 

•  Become massively generous in your business and life. Its the secret sauce to business. Give without expecting anything back. God and the universe always provide in multiples. What we sow, we will reap.

•  Be the kindest person that you know. 

•  Focus less on the competition, and be fully present in your own business. Be your own kind of beautiful. Be authentic. We live in an abundant universe, where there is enough for all of us. The more we want others to succeed, the more we succeed. 

•  Become very conscious about your influences, the places you visit, and the pursuits your take on. Get rid of the toxic naysayers, visit the places that inspire you to become more and focus only on the pursuits that bring you joy. 


Do you agree? What works for you in your business? 



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