Lessons and experiences from my 2023 journal

Allow me to share some of my notes from my journal in 2023, dotted down as it was written down or experienced. (In no particle order)

You will note a mixture between FINANCES, MINDSET and SPIRITUALITY)

1. Debtors makes the bank rich.

2. Now is a miracle if you don’t interfere - Deepak Chopra

3. The world gives to you, what you give to it.

4. In the race of achieving people’s acceptance and love, you end up losing yourself - Renuka Gavrani

5. if you are blessed, share your generosity in ways that align with you.

- Leave an overly generous tip to a waiter. Its one of the most under appreciated jobs.

- In place of purchasing an item from a big retailer, support a small business. It might be a little more expensive, but it will mean a lot more to them. (Look at you list or clients or friends owning a business in that niche)

- Surprise someone with their grocery bill in the line with you.

- If you cannot afford anything, share a SMILE and KINDNESS

Our world change dramatically when we are willing to be generous.

6. Never take today for granted. None of us are guaranteed time. Use and spend every minute well, with purpose. Don’t waste any second on things that does not bring me joy. Experience and learn new things.

7. We are only guaranteed two things. Birth and death. The life we live today is a preparation for the after life.

8. Smile and wave. I don’t have to be involved in everything. I don’t need to have an expressive opinion about everything.

9. Being an oddball makes me unique and special.

10. Adding value to the market place, is far more lucrative than a cash grab in the short run.

11. Attract over chase. “If you have something worth biting, eventually the fish will find you” The Karate Kid

12. The people in your life and business that need to be there, will be there and find their way to you. The rest will let themselves out. The Divine organise it on our behalf

13. Build wealth is not sexy, its boringly consistent.

14. Hold on tightly, but let go lightly. Pain happens to us because we think change cannot happen to us. We attach ourselves to certain situations. There is no such thing as forever. Change is constant, and it can come to you.

15. Great loss undoes us. Its a rebirth of a new beginning. By surrendering to it, we can breath and allow the process to rebirth / reform us. A new reality is born in my soul and I need to step into it.

16. Shift your thinking from SAVING, to INVESTING. Saving is to purchase something at a later stage. The purpose of investing is to build passive income and capital growth.

17. Most people cannot grow the NET ASSET VALUE, because as their income grow, they expand their lifestyle. Expand your income with different sources, and then invest those additional income rather than buying the newest shiny toy.

18. Money does not change us, it exposes our hidden behavior

19. Only applied knowledge counts.

20. You only need to be excellent in a few things. The rest can be outsourced.

21. You CELLPHONE is there for YOUR convenience, and not for others. Train a PA / EA to handle it properly.

22. Its not the amount of money that counts, its the plan that is important.

23. Your income very rarely exceeds the amount of work you are willing to do on yourself.

24. I can guess the value and principles of the team, by that of their leader. Your team’s performance will not exceed you. If you complain about your team, have a hard look at YOURSELF. “No such thing as bad student, only bad teacher. Teacher say, student do” - Mr Miyagi

25. When we change of view from COST to VALUE, magical things happen.

26. Capture ideas the moment you think of it. The value of it deteriorate as moments passes.

27. 10 pages of reading a day, accumulates to 3650 pages per year. Value your education.

28. Leadership lessons from Albert, our calf. Albert does not care if I am a CEO, Doctor or Engineer. He does not allow me to bossy and disrespectful to him. He requires:

- [ ] Patience and and slow guidance in the right direction

- [ ] You lead by example. If you loose your temper with Albert, he goes his own way.

- [ ] Show him the way, in a pace and with the patience that he needs.

- [ ] By doing this, you build trust between each other.

24. When Jackie Chan was 7 years of age, his father signed him off to the Chinese Drama School for 10 years. It was one of the most difficult years with vigorous training, 6 hours of sleep per night on a little mat on the ground, and many nights he cried himself to sleep. Those 10 years is what made Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan. Rough seas create excellent sailors.

26. Most of us are raised and conditioned to constantly wonder how we will afford something and / or complaining that items or services are too expensive.

This “language” is a lifestyle behaviour that will attract OR block abundance in your life.

We are born with abundance but our stories we tell (and lie to ourselves) has caused us to block this.

BTW, money is merely one aspect of abundance.

Focus more on expansion and a lot less about limitations.

Our only limitation are us

26. Business begins with strong sales and ends with proper administration.

I have seen many excellent businesses with huge turnover going under because of administration.

Sales is sexy.

Administration is nerdy.

You need BOTH.


We can fully pursue our God given purpose, or we can consume, and infect ourselves with, the chaos of this world.

We can't choose both.

Do NOT let the media, government or anybody else sidetrack you from what YOU KNOW DEEP INSIDE YOU, YOU MUST DO.

We must become conscious about every thought we think, word we speak and action that we take.

28. If YOU win, I win

If there is not 2 winners, everyone loses.

For you to WIN

NO ONE needs to loose

29. AI will not take our jobs.

The people using AI will take our jobs.

You may want to choose ignore it, but it is real and here.

30. For every word or sentence of blaming or complaining this week, reset your mind with two acts of kindness or constructive change.

Blaming the government for stealing, will only effect YOUR energy that surrounds you. YOU will lose your inner power.

It will do more harm to YOU, and will not effect the government at all.

After blaming, exchange this thought with something of value.

- Implement one idea with which YOU can change YOUR economy. We are the creators of our economy (not ANY government)

- Write down (to remind yourself) why there are more things to be grateful for than not. Food on our table (in most cases more that we need), warm clothes, healthy family.

- With who can you share a smile today to show kindness? The more kindness you share, the happier YOU become.

- What small, seemingly insignificant, act can you do or action can you take to make a difference in our amazing country

Small daily improvements, create massive dividend in the long run.

Our every thought, word and action are powerful forces, that can predict our future reality.


31. Fitness starts with 1 push-up.

Health starts with that first glass of water.

A purified heart start with one forgiven person.

An escalated soul starts with 1 prayer.

Your new business starts with the smallest of actions and implementation.

Stop overthinking it. Just start.

Big achievements begin with small steps.

What step will you take this week?




33. To live an abundant life, we must shed the scarcity mindset.

What can you do?

Generously tip waiters beyond expectations

Treat yourself to an occasional bottle of elite wine instead of settling for box wine.

Practice the art of under-promising and over-delivering.

Embrace your authenticity and let your brilliance shine in the world.

Release the energy of constant bargaining with everyone.

34. My wish for you is that you love the process of becoming a better version of yourself. This is a lifelong process.

I have been in marital arts for almost my whole life.

As a Sensei, I always taught my students to merely focus on THEIR OWN GROWTH and becoming a better version of themselves.

I always sounded like a broken record, repeating as many times as was needed for it to sink in:

" Don't compare yourselves with me or any of the other students. If you can do one push-up today, and you do 5 tomorrow, you won! You had growth of 400%!! "

Every accomplishment within yourself, opens new possibilities for you. Comparison is the death of your uniqueness and authenticity in life and business.

35. God does not create extras, so stop acting like one.

Stop trying to fit in when God created you AMAZINGLY authentic.

Some time ago I saw this 'purple cow' business on the road between Wellington and Gouda and absolutely loved it.

What a good example of being your own kind of beautiful and not following the norm.

Step into your own beautiful today.

Your INNER HERO is waiting for it

36. Create value OVER fees

Offer solutions OVER sales

OUR economy is IN us, and not what is happening around is.

37. You need to be the last person they want to get rid of.

Not because you are irreplaceable, but because they cannot imagine to serve a mission without out.

38. If you LIMIT yourself, you limit GOD

The sky is not the limit, OUR PERCEPTION IS

You are not created to be an extra

39. Today’s hard, is tomorrow’s easy

40. Mess creates stress

Make you bed

Keep you room tidy

Have a clean work environment

The small things become the big things

Small messes creeps into and reflects in my whole life


Just because they cannot afford you, does not mean for price is to high.

If everyone can afford your service, you ask to little.

Ask a premium price, and trow value at your client.


All things in this Creation exist within you, and all things in you exist in Creation.

There is no border between you and the closest thing, and there is no distance between you and the farthest things.

From the lowest to the loftiest, from the smallest to the greatest, are within you as equal things.

Khalil Gibran


Your pain is the breaking of the shell, that encloses your understanding

Khalil Gibran


Most entrepreneurs fail not because they are not an expert of the job that need to be done, but of the transition they are not willing to go through from being an employee (to and entrepreneur).


By opening up my mind to another’s point of view, expand my own thinking.


Become allergic to mediocre and addicted to WOW.


The impossible is a business opportunity for you


Learn to say now without any explanation.


Not sticking to my word slowly but surely decrease my integrity to others, but more importantly to myself.

This causes bad self esteem.


Having a soft heart in a cruel world takes courage, not weakness - Katherine Henson


Healing also means taking responsibility for the role you play in your own suffering.


If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer.

If you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow.


My job is not to be easy on people

My job is to make them better

Steve Jobs


Would you do something different if you where not afraid?


Everything we experience is an illusion, not the truth


The people that fail to plan, usually get angry and frustrated with those that do.


Bless every conversation, and let the chips fall where they may (or supposed to)


When you fire toxic clients, only then you make space for those aligned with your business (and you)


Jealousy and fear reflects my own insecurities.


Mind chatter and digital devices, spoils my moments and experiences.


Generosity bring happening in every stage of its expression.


Listen without interruption.


Forgive others AND yourself


Make a call when your intuition tells you to.




You cannot be emotionally healthy while betraying your intertior life - Carolyne Myss


Every time I judge someone, I reveal a part of myself that needs healing.

Every time I blame, I refuse to take absolute personal responsibility.


Grow wealth by managing VAT properly.

Open a seperate call account. Once a week calculate the total turnover for the week. Take the total x 15/115, and move to the call account.

You will automatically accumulate reserves for your business, which can over time be converted into investments.


Create a seperate bank account (with another bank) and move a fixed amount OR percentage based on tunover to that account. By doing this you make sure to take your profit out of the business first.


Forget competion. Focus on creativity.


We do so much for our EGO, and so little for OURSELVES.


This past year we went to a number of concerts and events, and it was stricking (every single time) how people cannot enjoy themselves and have fun without alcahol. No judging, merely provide insights. You are truly powerful when you can have fun without the need to medicate yourself.


Most of the times, it is not our business that struggle financially, but our personal needs and lifestyle that need to be covered by the business.


We are spiritual beings, in a physical body.


If it is not messy, it is not progress - Robin Sharma


Copy cats are never remembered.

Be an orginal.


Its impossible to create opportunities based on excuses.


Always do more than what is expected. Even when nobody cares, you grew as person.


Find ways to add value in your niche market.

Create a podcast.

Record and share value in your niche.

Write an eBook based on your knowledge in your field.

Attracked over chase.


Mess creates stress

Make you bed

Keep you room tidy

Have a clean work environment

The small things become the big things

Small messes creeps into and reflects in my whole life


Investing is only risky, if you dont know what you are doing.


Most people are looking for, or waiting, for the perfect moment to start a business or investment. This will never happen. Just start.


Our contry has its fair share of issues and problems. You can focus on the problems, or you can focus on the multitude of opportunities. You cannot focus on both.


For the next 3 months, focus on the ONE thing / idea that will change your business and your life. Be consistent daily on that one thing.


Exposure to cold water daily, makes my mind stronger. (apart from all the other benefits)


We are all part of one energy. What we do to each other effects the whole.


Most business owners owns a job.


Every time we visit Le Coin Francais in Francchoek, we are in for an amazing experience.

The Chef creates every dish with love, attention and creativity.

"A job is only a job, when we see it as a job" - Robin Sharma


While having sushi at Cape Town Fish Market, the lady behind the sushi belt offered to make me my favorite (bamboo rolls) even though it has been taken of the menu.

She did not have to. Most would not have done it, but she offered. She will always be in demand and never without employment.

Always do more.

Always outperform the rest.


When was the last time you attempted something new?


Keep the promises you make to others and yourself - Kevin Hart


Each moment leads to another moment.

Treat each moment like as seed, and care for it so that something beautiful can grow from it

Kevin Hart


On one hand , nature has taken something from him. On the other hand, it has given hom something else. People on Andre Bocelli when he become blind at the age of seven.


In an interview about his success, Michael Jordan responded; you only mention my success not the 9,000 shots in missed in the NBA.

Your success story will always include failures or misses. Use it as fuel, and not discouragement.


Pre - planning your week, ensure you spend more (guaranteed) time on your YES, and less on your NO.


I came to except criticism for what it is. (Good or bad). I can’t control either. I am merely waking up every morning and do what I am born to do, and what fuels my fire. Serving small business owners.


Its easy to merely fit in. To be part of the crowd.

Its a bold step to live out your authenticity.

God does not create extras. Why would you try to fit in, when you are born to stand out?


Look at where the crowd (or metaphorical sheep) is heading (or be lead to), and go the other way. You will be absolutely fine and experience magic.


Christians believe they are right, and there is only one way.

Muslims, Buddhists etc believe the same.

They all believe in a higher devine, God or other version of it.

What makes who the truth?

Let everyone believe(there version of God or the Divine) and lets respect each other for our opinion.

Share LOVE not HATE.


The most under estimated form of wealth, is ETHICAL WEALTH.

Ethical wealth builds respect for yourself and from others.

- [ ] Be on time. When you are early you are late.

- [ ] Stick to your word. Deliver what en when you promised to do.

- [ ] Respect is not old school. Please say I respect you. Thank you confirm I appreciate you.


100% yourself, is lot better than 100% perfect.


Solitude is a SUPERPOWER


Always react through LOVE


Don’t mange your time.

Manage your FOCUS.


NOW is a miracle if you don’t interfere.


Just because someone does not treat you in a specific way, does not mean I must do the same.

The way I act is MY level of RESPECT I have for MYSELF.


One line in one book can change the direction of your life.

Keep on reading.

One open minded conversation can influence your thinking to a next level.

Invite a leader for coffee.


Life will never share Level 10 with you, if you are not willing to exercise and train in level 1 - 9.

Every level has its own level of conversation, believe system and perspective.


Create multiple streams of passive income, build it around your NICHE MARKET.


You cannot focus on various markets simultaneously.