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I recently read a book, while flying on a trip to Toronto, Canada and Durango, Colorado, Success Habits by Napoleon Hill.   The book is based on a series of radio programs done by Napoleon Hill in Paris during 1952.  It might be old, but the content is time-less and very valuable if you decide to adopt his methods and thinking.


Below the list of the 15 Major causes for failure by Napoleon Hill.


1.  Drifting through life without a definite purpose or plan for attaining it.

My comments:

I love using my hand-written journal to write out and make visuals of my goals. It keep me focussed on my purpose and various goals.


2.  Meddlesome curiosity in other people’s affairs.

My comments:

We only have a limited cognitive bandwidth available per day.  Why waist it on the affair of other people, that really don’t concern us.  Not only does it require unnecessary energy, but it also restrict your own growth and progress.  Make use of your daily limited cognitive bandwidth and elevate your dreams.


3.  Lack of definite major purpose as a life goal.

My comments:

We don’t want to get to the end of our life and wished we lived our life more fully.

I journal daily to remind myself of my purpose and goals.


4.  Inadequate education

My comments:

If we look at any high net worth entrepreneur, they all have 1 thing in common.  Their massive crave and interest in education.  Reading books on self-development and autobiographies of other entrepreneurs.  Study online courses. The leader who reads the most wins.

With regular education we enforce growth.  With growth we build better awareness. 

And in the word of Robin Sharma,  if we build better awareness,  we can make better choices,  which will give us better results.


5.  Lack of self-discipline

My comments:

Successful entrepreneurs are disciplined in their daily behaviour and habits. They do what they need to do to reach their goals, consistently.


6.  Lack of ambition to strive beyond mediocrity

My comments:

I see a lot of individuals that lack any ambition.  I believe a lot has to do with the fact that they are not pursuing their dreams, but the dreams and wishes of their parents or circle of influence.    Think deeply and use a journal to write out your passions.  Once discovered, you will have ambition and the will to strive beyond mediocrity


7.  Ill health due from wrong thinking, bad diet and the lack of exercise. (Imaginary illness)

My comments:

We have the amazing ability to think and create of well-being.  I visualize daily my health, fitness and care of my body.  We are what we consistently project and feed our sub-conscious mind.

Eat lean.  Only eat something that has a mother or a father OR hanging from trees. Keep away from processed foods.  Exercise weekly for the benefits of all hormones, chemicals and the release of BDNF. 


8.  Unfavourable environmental influences.

My comments:

We are our influences.  I love to talk about the 5 chimps’ theory from the Silicon Vallley entrepreneur Naval Ravikan.

We all know or heard about the importance of the 5 people you spend most your time with.

The 5 chimps theory .... you can predict the mood and behavior patterns of any chimp by the 5 chimps they hang out the most.  Our tendency is the same. We tend to think and behave the way of the people we surround ourselves with.

Look for the best individuals in your field and ask them today to be a mentor to you.

Further to his is the 5 x Rule.

We are not only the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with,  but we are also the average of the following:

- 5 habits you do

- 5 foods we eat

- 5 ideas you have

- The daily content we consume


9.  Lack of persistence in carrying out to a finish, that which one starts.

My comments:

Ever ran in a marathon?  Or even merely going to the gym?  Last bit can sometimes be difficult, but also the most rewarding.  Same with carrying out our work with passion, and when the most rewarding part is a finalisation of a difficult task. 


10.  Negative mental attitude.

My comments:

We attract to us our vibration of thoughts.   If we continuously think bad or negative thoughts, we start to attract those circumstances to our life. 

Make it an obsession to affirm and visualize your life goals.  Daily early morning and evening visualizing proof wonders in my life.


11.  Lack of control of the emotions of the heart.

My comments:

We will never by able to rise above a broken heart.  Use your time to heal wounds.  Use your time to release anger of someone that you believed did you wrong.  Our heart is our other brain.  Our “heart-brain” consist out of roughly 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn and remember.   Take good care of your heart brain.


12.  The desire for something for nothing.  To get something for less than the value.

My comments:

When we have this mind-set, it influences our sub-conscious mind and the vibration of our energy we send out into our surroundings.

When we always negotiate and bargain with everything (the ‘best deal” or pay as little as possible or hoard money) we send out a specific vibration of energy into our universe.

We restrict the flow of money to us again. How can we expect to receive money in abundance if we restrict it on the one end? 

Keep money flowing and bless the money you spend.

13.  Procrastination

My comments:

It’s easy for us to fall in procrastination, even for motivated individuals. 

I found that the biggest reason for procrastination is FEAR.  The fear of failure or just merely the FEAR planted in our sub-conscious.

I love my morning cold shower to remind myself to conquer my fear every day.

The truth is. When we run into our fear, our fear always runs away.


14.  Giving in to the 7 basic fears:

  • Poverty
  • Criticism
  • Ill health
  • Loss of love
  • Old age
  • Loss of liberty
  • Death


15.  Unfavourable physical heredities at birth.

My comments:

This is an unfortunate condition that cannot be prevented.

In recent years I did notice some amazing achievements by disabled individuals.   These achievements motivate me as a healthy person to achieve results.



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