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Do you dread Mondays?

I want to suggest that you haven’t found your Ikigai yet.

Your Ikigai is the beautiful Japanese word for Passion and Purpose, and the reason for waking up in the morning bigger than ourselves.

In the #2020Motivation – New decade, new you series, I will give you potent ideas and habits to live a life that you adore.

In the very first episode of this series, I want to provide you with 5 lessons or activities that I implemented in my monthly schedule that changed my life as an entrepreneur. 

1. Pre-planning of my week

This idea alone created a massive result in my productivity and creativity in my business. 

What we schedule will be done. Full stop. 

Every Sunday or Monday early morning, schedule out your week to the T. It will not always work out as planned, but you will tick off many tasks that you previously could not get to. 

A few examples of what I pre-plan:

  • Pre-book monthly accounting clients 6 months ahead, where we can discuss their latest results in their business and also be a business coach and providing an ear to listen to their new ideas.
  • I am creating of new content for our clients and followers.
  • Spend time in nature to reboot.
  • Time with my family.

Included in the pe-planning, two game changers.

 -          Weekly massage

I have a standard Wednesday appointment with a local massage therapist. So much value in this. 

By going for a massage, a week, we lower Cortisol (the fear hormone) by 31%. As entrepreneurs, we do have stress put upon ourselves, and using this; we reduce that stress levels.

It also elevates serotonin (the feel-good transmitter) by 28%. You will be inspired and creative as an entrepreneur after your massage.


-          A monthly energy healing session

One of the most powerful things I have started implementing in my monthly schedule was to do an energy healing session once a month. Unintentionally, we block Chi (a form of energy) in our body.

It does get block by the daily wrong behaviour in some areas of our life. This consistent improper behaviour starts to affect our body, and we tend to get sick and don’t understand why. 

By doing a monthly energy healing session, we receive information about our various chakras. Using this information, we can become aware of what we need to work on within ourselves. 

Before you freak out, the practitioner I use (which is my wife) receives these “signals” from her intuition and is a fantastic lover of God. No one can describe this tremendous feeling of soulfulness in a session like this unless you experience this

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2. Fear is a liar

Fear is a liar. When we run into it, fear runs away.

On the other side of fear lies amazing results; we merely need the courage to overcome that fear. 

There are various ways we can sub-consciously train ourselves to be open to run into our fear.

Each person needs to create a way to overcome it. Here is my way. 

I jump into an ice-cold shower every single morning. Winter and summer. By doing that, I overcome, I train myself to frequently run into my fear, out of my comfort zone. It was hard at first, but after a while, it becomes a new normal for me. 

If we want to create businesses of value, we need to be willing to be out of our comfort zone and run into our fears. On the other end, we will see stunning results.

 3. Daily morning exercise at 4 am

This daily morning routine is a game-changer on its own. By waking up at 4 am and jump into my training clothes, I experience the stillness of the morning, while keeping myself healthy. 

It creates a fire in you with all the various brain chemicals, and I am ready at about 4:20 am to appreciate life and be the best version of myself for the day ahead.

Apart from the fantastic benefits of training first thing in the morning, I started to focus on myself and my wellbeing. For many years I have been a Martial Arts instructor, and a while back, I decided to end that era, I make time for only me. In many areas of my life, I give to others. For my health, I took a step back and started to focus genuinely on myself. 

For my fitness background, I could write my own training program. I wrote in my journal exactly what I need to do every day. 


I don’t even have to think about what to do. (because that can potentially cause me to find an excuse not to do anything)

When we focus on ourselves and our wellbeing first, we can be of so much more value to others. 

By training first thing in the morning, we lower Cortisol, the fear hormone. 

We increase serotonin, the inspirational and creativity transmitter. We release dopamine (that happy hormone that creates that feeling of wow in you).

The most significant value for me is the release of the protein BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor). This protein repairs damaged brain cells, damaged by stress.

 4.  Finding my Ikigai

Most of us go through life without defining why we do things. If you work for someone, do you only do this for the paycheck? 

As an entrepreneur, why did you create your business?  

Once I started to reflect on this, it became clear to me that I the deeper meaning of me creating businesses was not only about money. It has meaning bigger than me — my Ikigai. 

I realized that through my work, I could be an inspiration for hope, kindness, and generosity.


5. Educate yourself financially

We can make a lot of money, but if we do not educate ourselves financially, we cannot create a successful sustainable business over time.

Use a budget.  Be aware of your various income streams and expense that need to be attended to. 

Budget monthly to invest in a specific investment, to grow your monthly income.  Use the income that you generate monthly, to generate passive income producing “machines”.


6. Bonus idea: Find a mentor or Business coach.

One of the most valuable things you can find, is a mentor, personal development or business coach.

Someone like this that can be a soundboard for ideas that you can test. 

As with a personal fitness training, a mentor, personal development or business coach can help to setting certain goals and keep you motivated.

Search a mentor in a specific field where you want to grow as a person.  It will be one of your best investments.

I trust these ideas and tips will create amazing results for you as well.

Start living in the magic!

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