Coronavirus | COVID-19 
Survival kit for Small Business Owners

The Corona virus fear factor kicked in for many small business owners. 

I decided to compile a few ideas for small business owners to consider during these times:

1. The world has quickly moved to a remote office system. 

Employees began to work remotely from home. Meetings have been changed from one – on – one to online sessions.

Now is the perfect time to start incorporating some of these tools and methods.  

Problems always create opportunities.

Consider the following:

  • Zoom meetings to replace a one – on – one meeting.  This is an excellent temporary solution and works well for quick meetings overall.
  • Switch your accounting to an online program version. 
  • Cloud-based network storage.

2. Have a morning routine that creates a strong inner self.

The stronger and more mature in the inside, the more stunning the outside results.

3. Strong business builders have been created and molded in hard times. If it were easy, everyone would be an entrepreneur.

4. Its never been this important to be fully aware of your Ikigai.

When we focus less on the world around us and authentically focus on our true passion and purpose in life, we tend to fearless about the worldly this.  

Start building a business with less mindset (this tends to be run by our EGO) and start building a business with your heart and soul.   

It's in this place that we will find our Ikigai as well.

5. Keep adding value.

Don't let the fear of the unknown paralyze you. It's in stressful times that we need to 10x our marketing, and more importantly, the value that we add.

Generosity breeds abundance.