5 Monday Motivators | 66 days to a new you | Entrepreneur SA | 31 March 2019

This week let’s start our Monday towards a next level of excellence.

Below 5 potent ideas and tools to dramatically increase your success and productivity.


  1. Fear is a liar. When you run into it, it runs away
  2. Today’s easy was yesterday’s hard. Today’s hard will be tomorrow’s easy
  3. Pre-plan your week to save cognitive bandwidth
  4. Pre-plan 1 massage a week to decrease your fear hormone Cortisol by 31% and elevate your "feel good" transmitter serotonin by 28%
  5. Write down your list of 5 chimps and your list of 5 negative or toxic people in your life to let go. Inform your 5 chimps of your decision (learn more in this video)

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