Together we can make South Africa amazing

Volume 2 | Entrepreneur SA


South Africa is currently facing some challenges, but so does every country in the world in their own unique way. 

We can make South African amazing by applying some of the following ideas to our lives

1. Be generous

We create a life and word of magic by being generous.  Generosity don’t necessarily have to be of monetary value.  We can be generous in all kind of ways. 

  • Bless people with kindness
  • Share value of knowledge
  • Support or sponsor something close to your heart

By being generous we provide a massive flow of energy that will light up the country. 

Start small, but I want to suggest, start today.


2. Ego is the enemy

One thing of us, as South Africans, our egos are massive.  Our egos are marinated in arrogance and know-it-all behaviour.

One thing martial arts taught me.  Whenever my ego become larger than me, you struggle to learn and grow in the sport.  Once we let of the massive ego, we start to learn and grow in such a massive pace.


Lets all start thinking less with our head and follow our heart and intuition.


3. Support local businesses

One thing I love doing when going away for a weekend or vacation, I try to support the smaller business in big way. Eat at the local restaurants.  Visit the local grocery stores. It’s a massive contribution to small business owners.

Start supporting your friend and other business associates. I see often people want to overlook the small businesses or the business of friends and associations. 

On this point.

If you did not notice yet.  We have a free gift pack to entrepreneur to the current value of  R 57,000. 

We created this gift pack for two reasons:

  • To assist entrepreneurs to provide their value on their niche to other entrepreneurs. 
  • To support each other as business associates.

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4. Don’t be stuck in old ways

There is a saying:  You don't push a boulder uphill just because you can.

We are in a new season and economy.  We are already in the new information.  Many of the businesses that used to be in demand,  are irrelevant today. 

In the same breath, new exiting opportunities become available.   The question is, are we open to new opportunities or are we stuck in our old ways of doing things?


Let make South Africa amazing together!