Martial Arts lessons for entrepreneurs

I have been in Marital Arts my whole life and currently holds the following ranks.

Traditional Karate - 1  degree black belt

Kickboxing - 2nd degree black belt

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - 3rd stripe on White belt


I do not tell this to “brag” but merely to validate my story and lessons from martial arts towards entrepreneurship.

I am in the fortunate position of being a kickboxing instructor on the one side, but also a BJJ student on the other. I really do experience both sides of the spectrum. Below are some of my lessons from entrepreneurship, taken from marital arts.



It taught me to let go of my ego. I cannot grow and learn more, if my ego is in the way. At the time a martial artist receives a black bet is the time of real growth. The black belt is the sign of constant development and training and study leadership methods.

I have seen in my almost two decades in serving small business owners… the entrepreneurs with signs of massive egos, are the ones that are stuck and struggle to grow their business. The entrepreneurs that are open to learning and the insights of others, are the businesses that flourish.  




Focus on the small daily improvements. As a martial arts instructor, I focus on the small things that a student will achieve and praise them on that. When constantly focusing on their strong points, you slowly but surely build up a student with strong self esteem and confidence.

Being an entrepreneur, focus daily on the small achievements. The small achievements eventually build up to the massive ones.

Success favors the consistent.



Achieving my black belt in both Karate and Kickboxing, was not the end of the road for me. In fact, it was the beginning of an era of serving as a leader and also realizing that I constantly need to keep learning and educating myself. To lead is to serve. I we can not serve without knowledge.

Being an entrepreneur is an ongoing journey of self-education. Do not settle for average. I see to many small business owners, not at all interested in developing themselves. If we do not constantly develop ourselves, we are left behind.




Having started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, reminded me of never stop learning. Be open to new methods. Study new ideas. Further to this it reminded me of the concept of pushing myself out of my comfort zone. When rolling in Jiu Jitsu, you can really get to a point that you feel you have really nothing left… no petrol in the tank. It does require some real willpower to carry on. 

As an entrepreneur, we need to make it a habit to thrive out of our comfort zone, into the valley of the unknown. Is right there were you will deliver stunning results.



The saying of my BJJ coach - Gary Joshua. Fast is slow, and slow is fast.

Being an entrepreneur, we need to work in intense stretches of time, but need to remind ourselves that we need to rest and recover. We can not deliver wold class results, when we are dead tired. You will not have creativity or imagination.

To slow down, will create an opportunity, only to be found in solitude.



Be a mentor and having a mentor. 

My marital arts world is divided into to be a leader and mentor in Kickboxing as well as being a student and accepting a leader and mentor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 

In the one I serve and continuously work and the other I grow myself into becoming a better martial artist.

Entrepreneurs need to realize that we also need a business mentor or coach, to force us to grow. Appointing and paying a business coach is an investment and not an expense.

Having a personal fitness coach challenges, us into the unknown and are results driven, and same with having a business coach. 

Forget the cost ... it's an investment, and an absolute must.


Lastly, martial taught me so much ab out the value of respect and discipline. 

The entrepreneurs that run their companies by these rules, tend to be the more successful on the long run

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