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Thank you for visiting this page on how to keep your Tax Clearance Certificate up to date.  With recent changes on SARS eFiling, many clients are frustrated with the long process of the Tax Clearance Certificate application.

The biggest reason is the verification process that SARS introduced since the beginning of July 2019.

The good news this is a once off affair.

Allow me to offer two pieces of advice for future Tax Clearance Certificate applications.


 The mere fact that you received your Tax Clearance Certificate approval today, does not necessarily mean you will be compliant tomorrow.   It is very important to keep all your various tax returns and payments up to date. 

With our Monthly Accounting Services program, we assist clients to keep their taxes up to date, and by doing this we keep your Tax Clearance Certificate valid.  

Keep in mind that you still need to apply for your TCC PIN in 12 months.



Do not frequently jump from 1 accountant to another.  This will most definitely prolong the application and approval of your Tax Clearance Certificate.   Once your various tax numbers are verified on the SARS efiling profile of your accountant, future TCC application will be easy and lightning quick.


Feel free to contact us today for a free quotation to apply for your Tax Clearance Certificate and TCC Pin.

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