8 Big Ideas about the subconscious mind | Book review  | Mind power | John Kehoe

I recently read the book Mind Power by John Kehoe again.  Massive game-changer.  This book, and the principles in it, changed the success in myself and my business.


Below 8 big ideas about the subconscious mind.

1.    We have two minds.  Conscious and subconscious mind

2.    The conscious and subconscious mind work together as team to create our reality.  Our subconscious mind is like fertile soil which accepts any seeds planted in it.

3.    We reap what we sow.  (It a Bible principle that stood the test of time in all aspects of life for me)

4.    The conscious is the gardener.  Its our responsibility to choose wisely what reaches our inner garden.

5.    The subconscious mind does not discriminate.  It will manifest failure that as easily as abundance.  It reproduces according to what seeds we nurture within.

Three massive bonus ideas around the subconscious mind and synchronicity:

6.    We live in a giant web of energy.  When we imprint success upon our subconscious mind, it set up a vibration of this energy that resonates upon the whole

7.    When you unite mentally and emotionally with the good you wish to embody, the creative powers of your subconscious mind will respond accordingly.

8.    Your habitual thinking and imagery mould your reality and create your ultimate destiny.