6 big ideas in healing ourselves| Book review | Mind Power | John Kehoe  

I recently read the book Mind Power by John Kehoe again.  Massive game-changer.  This book, and the principles in it, changed the success in myself and my business.


Below 6 big ideas in healing ourselves

1.    The mind is a grate healer – Hippocrates


2.    When patients were given useless placebos but were told they were getting morphine, 2/3’s reported their pain disappeared.


3.    When patients were given morphine and told they were receiving mild pain killers, more than half said they still had pain.


4.    When you break your arm, the Doctor don’t heal your arm, your body does by itself. The Doctor is merely the instrument of service.


5.    Affirm to yourself daily:  My body is a healing mechanism.



6.    2 – minute health tonic:


  • Every day spend some time bathing in thoughts of health and strength.
  • Send these thoughts into your bloodstream, your tissues and cells.
  • Imagine energy flowing through you
  • Experience your body as a miraculous healing mechanism.