4 big ideas to develop prosperity beliefs| Book review | Mind Power | John Kehoe

I recently read the book Mind Power by John Kehoe again.  Massive game-changer.  This book, and the principles in it, changed the success in myself and my business.


4 big ideas to develop prosperity beliefs.

Anyone designing financial independence must first develop a prosperity conscious.

It’s a state of mind tuned and vibrating to expect, acknowledge and prosperity and opportunities everywhere.

How to develop prosperity beliefs:

1.    It’s an abundance universe.

There is a lot of everything for everyone, if we open ourselves to it.


2.    Life is fun and rewarding.

If we belief life is hard, it will be.

See life as an adventure and expect rewards

See problems as opportunities.


3.    There are staggering numbers of opportunities in every aspect of my life.


4.    It’s my responsibility to be successful.

Having lot of money is good. 

Making more money creates a greater opportunity to help others.