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June 25, 2019

I want to remind you, as a monthly accounting services client of Dryk Holdings, that you have a monthly or quarterly meeting with me (Jasper Basson: Director).

The clients who regularly sit with me have seen massive results in their business growth, as they can make informed decisions and use me as their business coach.

Below a list of items, I generally discuss with the monthly clients:

- Monthly management report discussion. Profit and loss. Balance sheet growth

- Tools and tips for Cash flow improvements

- Company structures most suitable for your style of business and risk profile

- Incorporate daily morning routines

- Deconstruction of daily habits to increase productivity and business growth

- Advise on new ventures

- Goal setting

I want to invite you to make this a priority and use this opportunity to grow your business.

We see the world and our business through the filters of our eyes. A business coach challenges this thinking and provides other insights.

This is a value-added service to every monthly accounting client.

If you are not yet on our monthly accounting services program, contact me today for our FREE 3 – month monthly accounting services program. (And many more benefits in our GIFT Pack for entrepreneurs)

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Jasper Basson
Entrepreneur SA

Member of Institute of Accounting & Commerce.
Member of South African Institute of Tax Practitioners.
Practice AO 652 993.

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