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Create your happiness and business success by killing these two animals | Entrepreneur SA | J Basson
July 22, 2019

To create your happiness and business success, you need to kill the following two animals.

The baboon behind the hill AND old cows.

The Afrikaans saying say it best.

“Moenie ‘n bobejaan agter die berg gaan haal nie”

Don’t go look for issues and stress that are not real yet. Live in the moment and don’t create pictures of something that did not happen or isn’t real yet.

By focusing on your own development today will create a better tomorrow.

Not the politics nor the economy will affect us if we focus on the things that matter most.

If I may suggest one thing today. Media fast for the next 30 days, and exchange this with an online course or a hard copy book.

Swap social media for your journal. Reflect on your result after 30 days.

“Moenie ou koeie uit die sloot grawe nie”

Don't consistently remind someone of their wrong doing or don’t constantly repeat wrong doing.

1. We receive from someone by the Grade we choose to give them.

My wife will only be a Grade C person to me if I see her as a Grade C person.

My employees will be the same. Change your view of people as Grade A individuals. Your wife or husband will surprise you.

When we focus on one thing an employee performs in, and give recognition to it, other results start to show.

2.To heal a wound, we need to feel the wound and then release it.

Journal through this process.

- Be aware of the wound

- Feel the wound

- Release this wound

- Then ascend into life as a new you

3. Your past was perfect to prepare you for your future. Use the lessons learnt to your advantage.

4.Our outer life and results always reflect our inner healing done.

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