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Andrew Patterson | 365 Ubuntu Climbs up Table Mountain
January 28, 2019

Andrew Patterson was retrenched during 2017 and decided not to go back into the corporate world, but to attempt 2018 with 365 Ubuntu Climbs up Table Mountain for three charities.

Up to date he collected an amount of roughly R 500,000 for the three charities he supports:

1.Habit for Humanity, who builds homes for the disadvantage -

2.Sunflower foundation, an NPO for the research in blood deceases like leukemia

3.One Heart for Kids, who helps under resourced schools in the country with reading material 3

His aim is to show what we can accomplish when we work together and with only R 1 per climb up Table Mountain, do not ask for too much.

If you want to donate 365 days of climbs (R 365) you can do this here:

View the full adventure interview at Table Mountain below:


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