Black Belt Entrepreneurship Draft Book Notes

Welcome to my website!

During the last few years, I have done seven eBooks on MINDSET, INNER WORK and FINANCIAL tools, tips and tactics that I has proven to be my truth.  My truth is only my version of the truth.  Someone’s opinion is merely someone’s opinion, but my wish is that this will serve you in a way that you ready to accept new ideas.

I am currently undergoing the process of writing my first book, which is a daunting exercise, to give back lesson I learned in my over two decades of serving small business owners.

My hope is that my content will serve as a catalyst for new ideas and growth in your personal and professional life.

To provide as much value as possible I will start uploading some of my DRAFT chapters (or portions thereof) for you to read and enjoy.

The uploads below is in no specific order, and can be opened randomly as you feel the need to read a specific topic.


Draft versions of the Book : Black Belt Entrepreneurship : My two decade journey in serving small business owners.

Always talk VALUE, never PRICE

Its's never been this easy to STAND OUT from the crowd

Make the best of EVERY MOMENT, because tomorrow is not promised.

You can never build your business on your own

Where to start with investing?

PROFIT EXPLOSION for your business

The leadership lessons from our Calf Albert

Reasons why companies go into liquidation